Thursday, June 4, 2009

Z is for zoo

Today, my friend Christa and I took our kids to the Zoo. We bought a pass through Tracy Aviary and it's good there anytime for free, weekdays free at Dinosaur Park & free entrance to the Zoo every first Thursday of the month. All this for a full year! Lauren, Tayler, Megan & Logan. Doesn't Tayler look so happy? :)

My little sister is a teacher at a daycare and today we ran into her at the Zoo with her cute little class.

While we were at the Zoo, Kleenex Brand was there promoting there new anti-viral Kleenex.
They had games for the kids & this cute little bug that was dressed up in this cute little uniform.
When we were in Disneyland Jace was scared of every character we went around, so when we saw this little bug i thought he would for sure freak out, but in fact, he did the complete opposite! He loved it! He grabbed his hand and was smiling & laughing at it, it was so cute.

While we were eating lunch I showed the girls how to make mouths out of Pringles.
They thought it was pretty funny; aren't they so cute? :)

Megan's favorite animal at the zoo is the Zebra, so we had to get a picture of her by them.

Megan on her giraffe & Tayler on her lady bug. I laughed so hard when I saw what Tayler had picked to ride on because it was so small. It just looked so funny.

Last time we went to the Zoo neither of the girls would sit by this big guy, but today Tayler wanted a picture by herself on his lap.

They were so beat after all the fun. Jace usually takes a nap around 10 -10:30, so he was out before I got to the end of the road.

So this is an updated picture of our little birdies above our front door. They are getting a little big for the small nest and I'm afraid they are going to fall out. I'm not sure but I think the mommy left them since I don't seem to see her around as much. There eyes are still for the most part closed except for one of them opened an eye for us. No noise comes out when they open their mouths. They are so cute.


Mindi D said...

I love the birdies! I hope there mama comes back! Keep us posted!!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

I can't believe the little birdies are here! So cute! I'm sure you wish they were somewhere other than your front door. :) I hope their mom comes back for them. I love the pictures of Castle Park and the zoo too. I'll bring my blog book for sure. :)