Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chilis it is:)

Friday night i had planned to meet my LONG time friend brandy at Chili's.

We have been friends since 6Th grade. We had not seen each other since high school, we ran into each other about two years ago at the mall and talked for a bit then never even exchanged numbers duh!

Brandy found my blog a while back and we have been talking back and forth for sometime.

We decided to meet for dinner a couple weeks ago and something came up for me on the night we were supposed to go out then the next weekend her poor little guy got sick. So we made plans to meet at the Chili's in Layton at 6pm. Well i got there right at 6 and was sitting there by the door and about 6:15 i was thinking maybe i told her 6:30 so i hung around, the people that worked there kept saying do you want to put your name on the list i kept saying no ill just wait a little longer then 6:40 came and i could not call her cause i left my cell phone at home so i drove to Target and was going to walk around. I decided to call Dustin and see if maybe she had called or text ed my phone to say she couldn't make it. Dustin said ya she just called and was worried about you she said she is sitting at chili's right by the door. I was thinking am i an idiot cause i was also sitting by the door, so he said I'll call her back and tell her your on your way back to chili's so i walked back into Chili's and asked the lady if there was someone sitting down waiting for someone to meet them she said i don't know you can walk around and see. Well as i turned around there she is walking in the door. She said I'm so sorry i have been sitting at Apple bee's we both laughed so hard cause we both just thought we were being stood up:) After we finally got our name on the list and waited about 10-15 minutes we sat down ordered our food and talked, for two hours it was so nice to get caught up with each others life's. We talked about the good ol days, we were inseparable everyone called us the Bobbsey twins we had twin bikes, twin jackets and we dressed the same a lot of the time. Apparently not a lot has changed cause by the look of our outfits that we wore Friday night we still dress the same:) :)Black and white shirts, denim and we both had animal print purses. Brandy i had so much fun we need to do it again soon. Thanks for not standing me up!

These pictures are so funny to look at. I think we were in 9Th grade man we were HOT!

Don't you love my huge white earrings? I am determined to find a picture of us in our twin purple and pink leather jackets or on our awesome twinner bikes. Brandy Nye & Kaycee Dance


Kahra said...

HA! I saw Brandy a few years back, too. I remember spending the night with her and Alisha Twitchell all the time. She looks good as a blonde. We should all get together sometime. :o)

Rachel said...

That's too funny, glad you guys found each other :)

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

I still can't believe I did that! Duh! I had so much fun once I got to Chili's. LOL! We definitely need to have another GNO. I love the old pictures! Where does the time go?

Ash said...

Ah, oh good, glad to know I'm not the only one that blogs about friends. That's funny you guys were searching for each other for an hour. I love meeting up with old friends.
Jack Sokol is coming over with Anna this Thursday @ noon if ya wanna bring the kids over and get a fence picture. haha

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

ha thats so cute! thanks for the idea Trae was monkey for halloween too! lets get together some time after next week what days are good for you?

Ash said...

haha yeah you can totally come by any time. I'm usually not here on Saturdays cause I work, other then that, sure stop on by. My house may be trashed but so long as you don't tell anybody I'm good :)

So it is possible to print the blog? I'm gonna have to get that info from ya. And yeah your right if people think my blog is lame, then don't read it! :)

Rory & Lori said...

That's so funny! I love those tyoes of friendships that can just pick up wherever they were left off. Looks like you two had fun! It's so funny that you dressed alike, too.

I am totally up for a BBQ with you guys! Let's do it for sure! And pretty soon we will live pretty close to you guys so that will be fun, too!