Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NiCe DaY:)

On Tuesday we went on a play date to the south Ogden park.
It was so funny as everyone was following me out of the neighborhood it looked like we were in a parade we had 7 cars all in a row. And the first three were all Durangos.
One of my neighbors told me she thought there was an evacuation in the neighborhood:) your so funny Ashley. Cute little ladies
Megan, Lauren, Gayle & Tayler
Funny Faces
Tyson, Gayle, Tayler & Lauren
Jace could not decide if he liked it or not which i thought was funny cause he loves the sprinklers at home. He would run into the water then when he got wet he ran back out. ( NOT HAPPY)

I put jace in his pack-n-play he played in there for awhile. I didn't get a picture but after a bit he had two other friends in with him.
Tayler and her daily popcorn. My husband got her HOOKED now jace likes to eat it and loves it
7 mom's & 14 kids wow. What a blast!


Mindy said...

That would be the funnest.. we should plan a bloggie-mommy (and kid) day there.. it's so nice that summer has finally arrived!

Lindsay said...

We went there today. My sister just moved to South Ogden and it's just a few blocks from her house. It's always nice to find fun free things for the kids.

Kristy said...

So fun we were there on Monday.

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

so fun!!!love that place!

Rachel said...

That was fun, we need to do it again soon! The picture of Jace is so funny, what a cutie!

kari said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun time, if only I would have not been so lazy and just went with you guys. That's a fun little park isn't it? Your so good at keeping your blog updated, I love checking on her and knowing you will have something new for me to read.

Ash said...

That park looks way fun! I've never been there. You'll have to let me know where this secret place is so I can check it out!

CJ & Shalise said...

I can't wait until i have a little one to go with you guys to all these fun places!