Sunday, June 7, 2009

The cause of the crankiness:(

So the last week or so my little bubbas has not been the happiest little man.
and today i found out why....He's got two new teeth so this is my attempted to get a picture:)
Jace wanting to grab my camera out of my hands
I thought that if maybe i tried upside down you would be able to see them better, but not so much
hiding from the camera
so you cant see all four on top but at least i got a smile:)
i sure love those chubby cheeks!
Hiding again under his favorite blanket.

i know this is kinda an up the nose shot lol. But i got a picture of 3:)
Hey i tried and I'm sure when I'm not trying to get one it will happen.
man i love this little guy he is so much fun, besides the crankiness from the teething:)


Mindy said...

so fun!! at least you got a reason why.. I am still trying to figure out Pey.. I am sure it's gotta be more teeth, but no new friends in thee yet! cute pics..

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

so cute! i just wanna squeeze him! my email address is thanks for the monkey ideas!

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

At least the fussiness was for a good cause! He looks so cute with his new chompers!!!!