Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bye Bye Birdy!

Last night me and the girls had a sleep over in the family room. We'll around 5am this morning as we were sleeping peacefully, there was the loudest noise coming from my front door i honestly thought that someone was trying to break in.

I sat there for a second then heard it again tayler & megan were sitting there freaked out of there minds,as was i.

I ran into my room to wake up dustin i yelled dustin someone is at the door he was a little disoriented for a second then jumped up and looked out the girls bedroom window he didn't see anything. So he then went to the front door and opened it very slowly, well when he opened the door i could see the garland that is usually around the top of my door that has the birds nest on it, it was hanging way down and the sign on my door was barely hanging there.

Well as we looked to see if there were any birds left in the nest they were all gone and we found the culprit " the neighbors cat". We don't know if they got away or the cat got to them first. Yesterday i did see a couple of them flying so i hope they just flew away. It was so loud i did hear a scratching noise but did not even think that's what it could have been. I can just picture in my head that dumb cat running and jumping to get the poor birds, this cat has been hanging around my house for awhile now so i should have known. Poor birdies!


Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

That is horrible!!! My girls would be devastated. I hope that the bird family got away, but i've seen our stupid neighbor cat eat enough birds to know that maybe they didn't. Darn cats!

Kim said...

Who's stupid cat??? I'm freaking out-I hope it wasn't the one we call ours???? I'm so sorry you and the girls got woke up at 5a.m. and scared but, I would've been too! If it was "our cat" let me know and I will quietly send it packin'! Poor Jess!