Monday, June 29, 2009

Tons of summer fun

A lot has been going on around here. Today we went over to my sister in laws to go swimming.
The kids had a blast Tayler and Megan loved swimming without help they played with there noodles and were swimming on there backs, they are for sure a lot braver this year than last.
Tayler is definitely my little dare devil she is not afraid to try anything:) Megan on the other hand did not like letting go of her noodle i think she thought she would sink.
She did so good swimming all around the pool to the deep end and back, she was so proud of her self.

Shalise is due any day now and was such a trooper she was tayler and Megan's swimming teacher today.
Jace loved being in the water. After awhile he got sleepy so i put him in his stroller thinking he would maybe go to sleep i was wrong but he was being so good & silly he was playing PEEK A BOO.

This is his fake cry face. What a faker:)

Me and bubba. It totally looks like the kid behind me is drowning.
Thanks for a fun day shalise. We cant wait for baby Ellie to get here and go swimming with us
Jace sat on a gold fish for so long that it had made an imprint on his thigh

Tayler & Megan got invited to a friends swim party. It was fun they had lots of things to play on and yummy Popsicles, drinks.
Jace also had fun playing in the water, he kept trying to drink it

Our neighbors are the best anyone could ever have. When the day comes for us to move it will be a sad day. Tayler & Megan love them, every time they see them leaving they ask where you going, how come, when you coming back:)
They are just the nicest people.
The other day john was getting there 4 wheelers ready to go out of town and he offered the girls a ride. They kept saying one more time, one more time and sure enough john gave in and gave them each a few rides he is way too nice to my girls.
Thanks john for being such an awesome neighbor if there was such an award for the best neighbor you would win it hands down:)

Jace's hair was getting a little too long so daddy decided to give him a haircutWhen jace's hair gets long it starts to go curly
Jace helping daddy
Well Dustin used the wrong size to cut the top of jace's hair so his hair is a little shorter than normal but hey it's summer time right:)PRINCESS MEGAN
Megan love lip gloss every time I'm getting ready she comes in and wants some lip gloss
pucker up baby


Mindy said...

But the curls were so cute!!!
Love that pucker..

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Cute pictures! I'm glad you guys are enjoying the summer. Great neighbors are awesome! Our favorite neighbors moved away in March and it's been hard getting used to them living further away. Those pictures make me want to go swimming. :)