Saturday, June 13, 2009

Glasses or no glasses?

Today i took megan to the eye doctor to see if she needed glasses. When i took her to her kindergarten checkup she did not do so well. They also told me when she was born 9 weeks early that she might have problems with her eyes.

Well she passed, he said one eye was a bit worse than the other but for now she is fine. Yeah!

She was mad that she didn't get to get glasses. But i told her that they were not that fun i have had to wear glasses or contacts since i was 14 . She really wanted these cute pink glasses she saw. I think she would have liked them for maybe a week:) I wanted to get more pictures, like one of her in her funny 3d glasses but i think the Dr. thought i was a weirdo for taking this one picture:)

After the eye apt. we headed to Toys-r-us it was super why day. If you don't know who super why is like i didn't til awhile ago. It's a cartoon on kbyu it's called Super readers it's really a cute show. There is Alpha Pig, Wonder Red, Super why & Princess Presto.

We colored yes we, i joined in on the fun. They got tattoos, stickers, masks and of course they had to be Princess Presto


Rachel said...

That's good Meg doesn't need glasses yet. It's so funny how little kids actually want glasses. I always wanted some growing up and when i got contacts they were such a pain!!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...
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Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

I'm glad Megan doesn't need glasses yet too. That's funny about the picture. I got the same vibe when I was at Kaedan's appointment. That's sad about the birds too. I hope they got away!

Mindy said...

I love to spell.. s-p-e-l-l.. :) We love super why around our house!
Glad Meggie doesn't need glasses! I need an updated prescription :(