Sunday, June 21, 2009


Me and some friends took our kids to Dinosaur Park last Thursday. We have all bought Tracy Aviary passes it's been fun to go to each place with all of us together. We packed a lunch and spent the day with the dinosaurs:)

All ten kids. Kyra (in the stroller) Lincoln, Logan, Dreyson, Tayler, Lauren, griffin ,Jedrick, Megan & Jace

Wild Animals
All the mommies
This is how tayler took jace down the slide and he laughed
Meg & Jace
Baby kyra lookin hot:)
Griffin, what a stud
Digging for dinosaur bones

We had a blast. Can't wait to go again:)


Ohana Mama said...

Man I wish we would have gone but the girls are still in school! Looks like it was fun.

3Brownbears said...

Looks like you had so much fun! How much was the pass.. I need to get chanler something like that it is only 2 weeks into summer and he is driving me crazy, & I was not even here for one of them. Ha ha!

Ash said...

Ah yes I saw you all piling into the cars and cruising outta the neighborhood I thought there was some evacuation going on. :) Looks fun! I should've of bought the pass we've already been twice this year and I'm sure we'll go again. I so dumb.

Ash said...

Hey Kaycee I been thinkin you should be on face book. How come your not there? You'd love that place. :)

Ash said...
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Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

We love the dinosaur park and have year passes to...we should go sometime! I remember you saying you did do facebook...maybe i'm wrong. Ash was "freakin' bored" today so maybe we should all go to the dino park! :)

Mindy said...

I feel like all my buddies in "blogland" know of the fact that I still haven't taken my kids there and you are all guilting me into it... Thank you.. ;) I really do need to get there!

Brit! said...

OH so fun! You are such a cute Mom! I love you to death. We need to get together soon!