Friday, June 5, 2009

Mommy Daughter(s) Date

Last saturday dustin took the girls on a daddy daughter date to see the new movie "UP" so tonight i took megan & tayler on a mommy daughter date.
We started off with a little galactic miniature golf at Spare time for free. (thanks Kari)

Man my girls are pretty good mini golfers they both got a few pars:)
After we headed to Arby's to eat some dinner. Gotta love those curly fries!

Meg & Tay showing me there funny faces

Megan has been able to touch her nose with her tongue for as long as i can remember
Me and my cute girls. Do i look like i have me some something about Mary bangs or what?

I think it's time to introduce my girls to a shaver. What do you think? :):):):):)
since meg doesn't have long enough hair they thought it would be funny for tayler to share some. They were laughing so hard they couldn't even hold still.


kari said...

cute, cute! Gotta love that Tay shared her hair with Meg. I wouldn't have noticed your hair til you pointed it out but they do kinda look silly.

Mindy said...

that's my arby's!! I totally know the inner workings of that place.. I love your bangs too :)

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

What a fun mommy daughter date! That is funny about the bangs! I didn't notice until you said something but that movie makes me laugh so hard. And the pictures where you said the girls need to shave are a crack up! You can never go wrong with Arby's curly fries. :)