Friday, July 31, 2009

New Friends..... New Memories.

Today was a great day.
We started of our day by meeting some friends at the splash pad.

Ashley, Peyton, Jace, Tayler, Lynn, MeganJace tickling Peyton's piggies with his cookie.

The girls had fun filling up there sandwich bags with water
and dumping them on each other.

Jace & Peyton

The girls were making me and Mindy laugh, they were getting there butts wet then sitting down and seeing what there butt prints look like. Some were bunnies, hearts, etc. Silly girls!
Thanks Mindy for a fun day with the kiddos.
After we went home and got in a little nap we headed over to the Roy pool. My sister's stake had rented out the place and fed everyone dinner. We had fun Kari thanks for inviting us.

Tayler & Meg loved going down the slide, Megan liked sitting on my lap while Tayler liked it going alone.

Madi & Bubba


Ash said...

Dang Kaycee you do the funnest things. I can alwasy check your blog when I need a fun idea to play with X and Fred. Thanks for sharing!

Mindy said...

It was a fun day!! I am soo tired, still, I can only imagine how tired you must be...

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Your blog is so dang cute! I love the blinkie! Was that the Roy Aquatic Center? Troy, Tre and I still haven't been there. We need to for sure. You are so good at always doing fun things and updating your blog! :)