Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lots to catch up on

We got invited to go to swimming at our friend April's house on Friday. The kids had a blast playing with all there friends. Jace & Dallas, these two kiddos are so cute together.

Tayler & Maddie. These two are both the daring, do anything twin. It's funny cause they are both the twin with long hair.
Abbie, Hunter, Tayler, Megan, Mulalani, Maddie
Last year Megan was kinda scared to go down this slide, but this year she was fearless.

Last year Tayler had her cast on her arm. So this time she had tons more fun.

Jace had fun running around and playing in the kiddie pools.

Jace and his friend maile
I love this picture of jace eating his Popsicle:)
Thanks for inviting us April, we have a blsa eveytime.

Well a couple weeks ago i got a new calling. I'm the Activities Coordinator in our ward, so part of my calling this month was to help put together a float for our stake, and to find people to ride on the float. My friend Jessica was nice and came to help.
This was what it looked like when we got there.
These were all the letters that we had to spray and glitter. Man was it messy, there was glitter everywhere.
Jessica showing off her Michael Jackson gloves lol.
This was after we got all the top and sides done
Me stapling all the letters on

Our theme is Parents Pioneering The Family- A Tradition Make It Yours!
There will two families on the float, one family will be riding bikes as a family(well standing by there bikes) and the other family will be playing catch.

Fun at the Gateway!
Me and jes took our kids to Gateway to let the kids play in the water and have a little picnic.
Megan would not run through the water , but she had fun watching all the other kids:)
Tayler had tons of fun running around with Lincoln
Jace after inhaling his peanut butter & jelly sandwich

Jace Loved the water he just ran around non stop the entire time

About every 15-20 minutes they would play loud music and do a water show the kids loved it

After the Gateway we were going to head to the temple to let the kids walk around but as soon as we got in the cars there was a complete down poor. So we headed back to Jessica's house to let the kids play.


Ash said...

haha looks like I'm copying you again. First the splash park now Gateway. I'm going this Friday with friends. ;)

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

I can't believe how many fun new posts you have. I'm glad you guys have been having so much fun! What a great calling for you. The float looks awesome and I love the theme! We may go to that parade. Are you going? Are you one of the families on the float?... :)