Wednesday, July 8, 2009

15 months

Jace had his 15 month appointment. I can't believe it, he is no longer a baby and now my little toddler. Even though I love all of the new stages, it kinda makes me sad to see him get so big.

Favorite food: Jace loves Macaroni & cheese, grapes & pizza!

Least favorite food: Jace does not like any kind of cheese, i think it's the texture.

Latest trick: After EVERY diaper change jace loves to walk his dirty diaper to the garage and throw out his diaper.

Words he says: Dada, Mama, Ka ka (gross), Ba Ba, Go-Go, Ga(ball), Uh Oh.

Number of teeth: Four on top, Four on bottom.
Sleeping Patterns: Wakes up about 8:30 a.m. nap at 10:30 - 2p.m. 2ND nap at about 4-5:30 then to bed at 7:30. And sleeps through the night. Jace is the best sleeper.

Latest struggle: Screaming like a Jace has a problem screaming like a girl at the top of his lungs. I guess it's from having two older sisters who also do it all the time:)

Favorite thing to do: ANYTHING outside. He loves being outside. Walks daily with daddy, being pushed in wagon, stroller, pushing bikes around. Jace runs everywhere he goes.
Favorite Toy: Any ball, or pushing sisters baby strollers around non stop.
Jace loves SpongeBob squarepants. Megan had a pair of pajamas when she was little and now they are jace's favorite thing to wear to bed.
The other day he was running around the house without a diaper on and he kinda found his little man part:) He would run then stop and look down like what is that thing between my legs. It was so funny cause he was kinda getting mad.

Dr office stats: Height-31.4 in. 80% Weight-24.6 lb.50% Head-19.1 in. 80%

We just love our little man so much. He is such a sweet heart and couldn't imagine life without him!


Mindy said...

the scream sounds all too familiar (like 3 times familiar!)

kari said...

I just love that kid. Great idea for the post. I like how you wrote down things to remember, i can't remember alot of what my kids were doing back then or things they would say. The girls in the backyard is hilarous.

Ohana Mama said...

Love the cute picture of him! I wish they would stay little!!! Just look at it this way 3 more mths till nursery :)

Laughed so hard about the girls with the water!!!! Too funny

Kristy said...

So cute! Boston screams like a girl too, it's so loud and usually at the wrong times! You girls take after their Mom sneaking in swimming when not supposed too. Remember The Chevy Chase pool?

CJ & Shalise said...

That boy has grown up so fast and it is crazy!! he is the cutest little boy in the whole world and his so full of life!! i love bubba!