Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Ellie is here:)

My little brother is now a daddy. Wierd!
Shalise you did such a great job bringing precious little Ellie into this world.
Ellie Ann Kelson
July 7, 2009
4:10 a.m.
20 inches
This is only half of the party awaiting the arrival of baby Ellie.
She has definitely got the Kelson nose. She has got the same nose and lips as jace

Uncle c.j.& proud cousin Tayler
Megan holding her cousin Ellie
Me holding my little niece
C.j. & Shalise we are so happy for you both. Ellie is has got two WONDERFUL parent's who could not love & care for her more than you both. We love you:)
Welcome to our family Ellie Ann.


Rachel said...

Ahhh she is ADORABLE! Congrats to the parents :)

Mindy said...

Let the baby hunger pains commence! :)
She's a doll!!

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

Makes me want another one!!! Hey, Monday we are stuck home without a car :( so if you guys want to come over we can let the kids play and I will show you what I know. Let me know....

Ash said...

Ahhh she's way cute! I LOVE the name Ellie too.
Ok so I'm going to that water park place in S. Ogden but I need directions. I remember you said it's by the DMV in Ogden, (the one on Washington?) Where do I go from there?