Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Library fun

Today i took the kids to the library. They learned about" Weather" it was fun cause they were talking about snow, rain & wind and for a little while it took our minds off how hot it really was outside.

The girls favorite part is the craft and bubble time. Jace usually just sits in his stroller and is really good, well it's been a few months since we have been and in those couple of months he has become A LOT more active. So he had a blast popping the bubbles he would laugh every time the teacher would blow them at him. He was so cute!

This is tayler being like the wind Megan also being the wind

Jace popping the bubbles.

Tayler with the bubble she caught

After the teacher blows the bubbles around for awhile she turns on some music and turns the lights down she has the kids lay down, and hen she walks around the kids blowing the bubbles to them.

This is the girls making there crafts. One of there favorite parts.
Jace even made one today but i forgot to get a picture afterwards.

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