Saturday, July 25, 2009

24th of july fun.

Swimming... Jace & Aunt Karly
Madi Kay
Jace did not like the goggles
Meg. A life jacket is not good enough for her.
I thought this picture was funny of my nephew Jake
It looks like he is kneeling on the water.
Madison & Karly
Jace enjoying the sun
Now a sandwich

Friday night our neighbors invited us over to watch the fireworks they were lighting off.
We new the shuttle was passing over the sky again so we all watched it pass over, i got a picture this time. not the best picture but you can see it( it's the tiny dot in the middle)
It was a lot bigger & clearer but in the picture it's almost invisible.
It's the first time the shuttle has had 13 people on it.
Our neighbors fireworks display
Tayler enjoying the fireworks
Meggy bug
So funny story while we were out at our neighbors our neighbors next to them were also doing fireworks. They came over and told us they had a few illegal fireworks.( Just to warn us i guess)
They brought out this HUGE box it was seriously the size of a large diaper box this thing was big. They lit it off and we had our own firework show, like at a park. Not so many but there were at least 5 big ones.


Mindy said...

I have just read and read and read.. all caught up and loving the pics!!! Your trip looked like so much fun, even though you were sick.. Jace is such a cutie! Hope we can manage to get together before school starts!!

Josh and Tausha said...

Kaycee this Tausha (from Dillard's)
Your family is so cute! How are you? I found you through Holly's page!