Friday, July 17, 2009

San Francisco ( Warning long post) My journal for the trip!

I love this picture of Jace looking out the airplane window.

Last Wednesday Dustin, me & Jace headed to San Francisco. Dustin had a business trip for work planned and it was also our anniversary. Dustin had enough flyer miles to get me a ticket and jace was free to fly so it was a cheap trip.
We left on our anniversary Wednesday morning. We landed in San Jose at about 10a.m. we got off the plane and headed to the bus that would take us to the rent a car place. As i took Jace out of his stroller to get on the bus i noticed he had had a BLOW OUT man it was everywhere all in the stroller, up his back just a mess.
So after we had stripped him down and gotten him all cleaned up we headed over to the rent a car place. We got our car and headed on our way. Dustin had a couple of appointments that were on the way to the hotel so me and bubba just hung out. Well during the last appointment i started feeling a little sick sure enough as we got to our hotel it got a lot worse. So Dustin and Jace hung out in the family room and kitchen part of our room while i was throwing up in the back room. Luckily there was a door to seperate the two rooms cause anyone who knows my husband knows that he can not stand the sound of me throwing up. I have got the best husband ever! This was our anniversary night and i spent it in bed by myself and my hubby spent it on the pull out couch:( He also took apart the stroller so he could throw it in the wash, and he played with jace til he fell asleep.

Daddy & bubba posing by the planes

Jace & mommy
While sitting on the airplane. I got to know the life's of the two older ladies behind us. One who was on her way to see her sick daughter in the hospital, and the other who's son died in Iraq but not while fighting he was shot by accident by his roommate. And then there was Ellie this cute younger girl who was flying with her grandmother, they were sitting in front of us and were a lot of help with Jace Ellie kept making jace laugh they were playing Peek a boo.Our plane
The rental
Jace while we were playing peek a boo. Wasting time while daddy was in his meeting

Jace being his cute self while mommy was not feeling so good. We unplugged the phone and that was his favorite toy, he drug it around the hotel room saying "HI " the whole time.
This was the beautiful view we saw out our hotel window the ocean was right there. They had a walkway that went around the shore so me and Jace went on a stroller walk while dustin was at his meetings the second day.
Bubba loved to run down the hotel hallways. This reminded me of the girls when they were two and we went to disneyland and all they wanted to do was run up and down the hallways in the hotel.
Riding in the elevators

Thursday we drove down to Pier 39 it was like 89 degrees when we left our hotel but as soon as we got to the pier it was about 50 degrees FREEZING. We did not take jackets or anything because it was so warm back at the hotel, so we froze. We walked around for a minute and looked at the seals and at a few shops then we ate some dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. YUMMY! I love that place. I love how it's so loud so you don't have to worry about how loud your kids are.
Everything we did i kept thinking how much Tayler & Megan would love this, it was weird not having them there. I called the girls that day to see how things were and i found out that they were both sick. I felt so bad that my girls were sick without there mommy. And i also felt bad that my nice brother in law was home with them that day, he had to wash throw up out of Tayler's hair. Thanks Curt! The last time my sister watched the girls Tayler had the flu then also man do i have the best sister ever:)
I do love my Bubba:D
Jace loved watching the seals and hearing them make all the funny noises.
This is a picture of the Alcatraz. It was so foggy this day, we tried to get a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge but it was so foggy you couldn't see anything:(
There was so much more we wanted to see but it was so cold and we had nothing to keep poor Jace warm and it was getting late we decided to head back to the hotel.
Jace loves Sponge Bob Square Pants so we had to get this picture. Jace thought it was so cool

Sad story. So Jace loved pushing the elevator buttons and riding on the elevators. Well we were riding it down and Dustin accidentally pushed the emergency button with his book bag, well we were trying to fix that problem and the doors started to open well jace had his hand on the door and as it opened it pulled his hand in with it. It was so scary cause i had to pull his hand pretty hard to get it out. He was pretty sad for a while i felt so bad.
Before the hand incident
Friday was our last day so we woke up ate breakfast and headed out to the beach. On our way there i saw these funny signs they call there speed bumps SPEED HUMPS.
It was foggy and cold at the beach, but it was still fun to just let Jace play in the sand and walk around.
Jace loved watching the waves come in and when it would come close to his feet.
We were walking to the car and Jace fell face first in the sand, he didn't mind it until he noticed it was not wiping of his hands. It was stuck in his eye brows, up his nose & in his mouth.
We stopped by the closest bathroom which was a restaurant that had a big sign on the door that said NO PUBLIC BATHROOM UNLESS YOU ARE EATING HERE. Well i went in anyways went into the bathroom and tried to clean up Jace's face, hands & feet.

After the ocean we headed closer to the airport so that we were not so far away. We found this park it was a way fun park, once again i thought to my self Tayler & Megan would love this park.
It had a carousel in the middle of the park it was just a huge park with tons of fun things to play on.

When we got back to salt lake city and finally found our car and started loading our luggage into the car we realized that we had left Jace's car seat on the shuttle that had dropped us off at our car, so we had to wait for it to finish making it's stops then go back to the airport to pick up more people then come back to our stop. At this point we just wanted to go home:)
We really had a nice time minus the throwing up, the runs, the hurt fingers& the lost car seat.
No but really i had a lot of fun being with my honey on our anniversary. (through sickness and health right:))
When we pulled in the driveway this is what we saw the cutest welcome home signs.
My girls sure missed there mommy, but were back to being stinkers the very next day lol.


Lindsay said...

Looks like you had a fun trip. Sorry you were sick...that's the worst. I'm sure Jace enjoyed having you and Dustin all to himself:-)

Darin and Janey Bloomfield said...

Sorry you guys were sick on your fun vacation. We were at Wingers once, when colt was little and he freakin had MAJOR blowout, were talkin all over the place EMBASSASSING!!! Now we can laugh about it. Ha-ha. Anyways Happy Anniversary. We'll keep ya posted on the whole Pennsylvania Adventure! Keep in touch.

CJ & Shalise said...

That looks like a fun trip! It's so cute to see Jace and all his cute pictures, I loved the one of him looking out the plan window as well as the one with him watching the waves come rolling in, I bet he was so impressed with that =)