Monday, August 3, 2009

SuMa tImE!

Saturday morning me and my sister took our kids to the Roy parade.
My little sister Karly was walking the parade handing out flyer's for her work,
so we caught her long enough to get a picture with her and the kids. This was the coolest float there. It was so cute!

Later that day we had our annual Kelson family reunion.
It's always fun catching up with my family members that we only usually see at Christmas time & the family reunion.
Me, my siblings & padre
This was our funny face picture. If you look closely yes my little sis is pulling my hair.
They had a fishing pond for the kids, the kind where you throw the fake fishing poll over the sheet. Megan got these fun bubbles along with a few other fun things.
Bubba wandering around checking everything & everyone out.
Tayler blowing bubbles
Tayler went to the drinking fountain to wash her hands after blowing bubbles, and slipped into a huge mud puddle.
Cousin Chalise & Kari
Jace wanting sisters bubbles open
My cute new little niece Ellie
Later that night we went to the Roy fireworks.

Today i went to my sisters house to let the kids play. We just hung out and let the kids do whatever & ate some pizza
Jace eating his pizza
The kids put dish soap on the trampoline and made some bubbles. And broke off a few springs lol. Kari!
My nephew got this fun game for his birthday, it's a ball that you open and put a water balloon in then you shut it & set the timer and pass it around like hot potato then it pops and your out.


Emalee said...

looks like you have been having so much fun!

kari said...

Hey you don't need to be telling our secrets! The springs popping off were not my fault. okay maybe it was!Thanks for hanging out with me this weekend it was fun

Mindi D said...

That's hilarious, the bubbles, i love it!! You can just have some bracelets if you wear them! Last time i gave them out to people and some didn't wear them so this time i'm making people ask :) I'm a brat i know!! We still need to get together. Call me!