Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun in Blackfoot Idaho...

This weekend we headed up to Blackfoot Idaho to have some fun with family at my grandma & grandpa and aunt & uncle's property. This was everyone who was there minus me (the photographer) & two other people. The cabin

The awesome view
Tayler playing in the dogie kennel
My cute kids on the four wheelers
It was raining at our house when we left that morning, but when we got there the chilly weather didn't stop anyone from taking out the wave runners.
Dustin & Jake
Kari, Madi, Karly & Megan
Nate & Tayler
Curt & Tayler
My cute dad & step mom
Tayler & Megan eating there mini pizzas
The girls loved playing with my grandmas dog Abbie, especially Madison.
Madi & Abbie
All the kids thought it was neat to look out the binoculars and see everything so up close.
Tayler checking out the lake.
This was the coolest bike that my grandpa & grandma have, Tayler & Megan loved to go with anyone that would take them.
Curtis & Madison Taking a turn.
Me & Tayler
Aunt Karly & the girls
Dustin & Jace. Jace loved riding the four wheeler, i totally thought he was going to fall asleep every time he rode on it. Whenever i would take him off he got mad.
Me & Meg

Megan posing in front of the pretty garden
My attempted of getting a picture of the grandkids minus Jake who was playing ball
We took Jace up this bike so he had something to play with, we would put him on it then push him down the hill he laughed every time.
Dustin & My grandpa took the boat out Saturday night and Sunday morning to do a little fishing. When they came back all the kids wanted to play on the boat.
Man i have so many fun memories on this boat from when i was younger.
Meg, Tayler hanging out on the boat
Dustin took up his BB gun and taught the kids how to shoot at a target.(a can)
This is Megan shooting the gun (Kinda scary) i dislike any kind of gun.

We had so much fun being with our family. Thanks for the great time everyone. Can't wait to go back:)


Lindsay said...

Looks like a fun family vacation. That looks like a really pretty place! That is brave of Megan to shoot the gun:)

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

so fun, we were in Idaho last week end too!

Emalee said...

I have family in blackfoot and I lived there for about 9 months of my life. My uncle lives down the street from the wal-mart and he used to me a teacher. Anyways that is cool you have family out there!

Josh and Tausha said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Mindy said...

That looks like entirely too much fun.. you had enough for me and my fam too! ;) What great memories.

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

I'm so happy that you guys got to do the real camping thing. We did that at the beginning of the summer, but Scott doesn't consider a cabin "real" camping. I, on the other hand, consider camping in a cabin "REALLY" great camping! I'm not much for the whole tent thing!

Rachel said...

FUN!! Looks like you guys had a blast. Family trips are awesome, but they go by sooo fast huh!
My aunt and cousins lives in Blackfoot, i wonder if that cabin is close to her house....

CJ & Shalise said...

How fun! That boat everytime I see it reminds me of good times when we were younger! That looks like a lot of fun though, wish we could have went, maybe another time! The Cabin looks nice!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Man you guys do so much fun stuff. :) I love that bike! Glad you guys were able to get away and enjoy more summer. Any kind of gun scares me too.