Saturday, August 8, 2009

OuR FuN WeeK

On Thursday me and some friends took our kids to the Zoo. It was the first Thursday of the month so we got in for free.The baby giraffe was so dang cute, it was only a week old.

On the way home from the Zoo the sky was so gloomy looking because of the big fire.
And later that night the sun was red it was kinda crazy.
This was after the red was gone but still cool.

A little school shopping
Trip to Park City for Dustin's work.
Tayler & Dustin going up the lift to the Alpine Slide
Jace playing on the tractor, which he did not want to get off of.
Dustin & Tayler going down the Alpine Slide.
Megan going up the lift.
Me & Megan going down the Alpine Slide.
The girls loved it they both wanted to go down again.


Rachel said...

Love the girls new shoes! It's so crazy school starts soon. It will be weird going out with only the little kids with us.
That museum looks like so much fun!! Jace is a major stud in that little suit :)

Lindsay said...

I love the new shoes...too cute!

Mindy said...

Those shoes are dang cute!! I need to go to Park City again... cute pic of you too. :)

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

Park City is my favorite place! Scott and I are going to live there one day we hope :) Did you find any good deals while you were shopping???