Saturday, August 29, 2009


Every year the McKay Dee hospital n.i.c.u. has a reunion for all the graduates.
Every year it's been at the hospital outside with bounce houses, clowns, food & fun, but this year it was at the North shore aquatic center. The girls had a blast!
When we got there we first ate some yummy dinner, then headed to the pool to play.
I had to post this funny picture of meg shoving this piece of meat in her mouth. This girl always sneaks the meat packets out of the fridge and into her room and that's where i find the evidence.
Jace dancing to the music, eating his Cheetos.
This was our favorite part, tayler thought that it was so cool that the water pulled her around and around in a circle. She just layed on her back and floated.
Daddy & the girls
bubba's testing out the water
Jace was making me laugh he loved standing by the speakers and dancing to the loud music
The girls were bummed that they couldn't go down the slide, kinda weird that they were not big enough even to go on our laps. At the Roy pool they can ride down by themselves or on my lap.

Jace was sure enjoying this snow cone.
He was not so happy when i took it away to get in the car
They always do a big raffle with some great gifts. This year i won two free guest passes to the
i rock in Ogden. I used to be a volunteer in the n.i.c.u. until life got a little crazy. I loved visiting with the parents and there baby's in there and loved getting to know them, it was sad to not see them all make it home to their families. I am so thankful to all the Dr's & staff for making our stay for 4 weeks as good as it was. And taking such great care of Tayler & Megan.


Lindsay said...

That looks like so much fun. What a neat thing to do every year as a family.

3Brownbears said...

I am so bumbed that we did not make it this year... It looks like it was even funner this year then past years!!! Man>...!!!