Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun Park City Trip, My celebrity encounter:)

Saturday morning Me and some girl friends headed up to Park city to do some school shopping.
Christa had made these Darling bags for all of us. Full of Coupons, treats along with a bottle of water. Thanks Christa! We were in Claire's being silly taking pictures of us wearing funny things.
Rachel wearing her devil horns we told her to make a mean face, this is her mean face:)

Rachel, Jess & me wearing our old lady reading glasses.
We found these sweet glasses and all put a pair on and asked the lady that worked there if she would take our picture she said" you can't take pictures in here" we were trying to be sneaky and take pictures anyway and she came over and said "come on girls i have already told you that you can't take pictures in here and if you do it again I'll have to ask you to leave" Can you imagine us moms getting us kicked out of a store. Thanks rude chick for spoiling our fun!
This is one of the pictures of April that i got wearing the cool glasses:)
April, me, Jessica, Rachel, Christa, Mindy
After all our shopping we ate at a yummy pizza & Pasta place up by the Alpine slide.
This was Jessica's sandwich we were all drooling over. I had Pizza and it was Yummy!
So while we were eating our lunch in walks Nicea from Good Things Utah. The girls were laughing at me cause i was star struck. When she walked passed us i said" hi "(the girls said i was acting like a little kid all giddy) she stopped and said" hi" April said "she is one of your biggest fans Can we get a picture of you with her" she said " Yes, do you have a camera?" I take mine everywhere and glad i had it this day:) Nicea came over to me and we got our picture. She talked to us for awhile, she is super nice.Then her husband took a picture of all of us.
I hate that my eyes are closed:(
I love Good Things Utah, and it was cool to meet one of them.
Nicea told us that she was meeting Reagan in a little bit up there but we left to head home after we ate.
On our way home we pulled up to this kid in the back of this car. Doesn't he look so comfortable:) Thanks for a fun day in park city girls.


Mindi D said...

You are hilarious!! I am laughing so hard about taking pics and almost getting kicked out. People are lame!

April said...

I still can not get over the lame lady in Claires! Oh and Nicea and how funny was that~you were so giddy!!! Good times!!!! Thanks

Matt and Jami said...

I love Nicea too, I probably would have been exactly the same!! Sounds like a fun shopping trip!