Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TO THE MOON......................

Today i took my kids to the Hill Aerospace Museum. It was so much fun my kids had a blast. Jace loves airplanes and would get so excited over every single one. They liked this one cause it had a shark mouth painted on it.
After we walked through all the airplanes we headed into the ACE station.
They have suits for kids in all sizes, you get to get in a plane pit and play with all the buttons.

I absolutely loved this little man suit. I wanted to take it home:)

Megan thought it was way neat to fly this plane on the computer,
she got to land it then have it take off again.
Tayler looked so serious
Tayler my cute little astronaut
Megan played with this for some time, it was a blow dryer that just blew the balls up.
This is not the best picture but the girls thought i needed to join in on the fun.
This was a seat that they have taken out of one of the planes to sit in.

Funny story. We were walking past this mannequin and Tayler said "Mom that guy kinda looks like Joseph Smith". Minus the orange suit:) They have been watching book of Mormon story movies with daddy each night before bed.
We had a fun time today. I love spending time with my kids, trying to do as much fun stuff as we can before school starts in a couple weeks.
I love you Megan & Tayler!


Mindi D said...

We have been there but never wore suits! How fun!!

Ash said...

That place is fun especially cause it's FREE! And I'm all about free. When we went they brought out little toy planes that the employees pushed the kids around in to make them think they were flying. They loved it!

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

I hate when August comes and you realize only a few weeks until the kids go to school...depressing!!! We are feeling the same...trying to squeeze as much in as possible. I keep thinking about you and having to send the girls to school. I still think we should all do a neighborhood homeschool!!!!

Mindy said...

Jace is too cute in that flight suit!! I love that they see Brother Joseph everywhere too.. Lynn and Ash sure do!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

How fun! I had no idea there were that many things to do there. I don't think they had all those last time we went. We'll have to take our kiddos! I hear ya on the whole summer thing! Where did the time go?...

Josh and Tausha said...

That looks like so much fun! It looks like you guys have had a fun summer.

Bryce and Whitney said...

I love the kids in the space outfits! So cute!