Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sassy Cupcake Boutique

Adorable Denim by Kaycee

Ali Rae Designs


The cutest burp cloths, bibs, dribble bibs, Binky burps, hooded towels and Christmas stockings.

Camera Straps by Denise

Don't be boring... Get Sassy with your camera straps!

Gina & Erin's Creations

Wipe and car seat covers, tutu's and hair bows.

Good like that

Christmas Candy Jars

Fun Holiday decoration as well as a unique gift! These jars and canisters
will make your mouth water and provide beautiful color.

Aprons & Magnets

Luv Savvy

Some of the latest and greatest designer shirts, jeans, and accessories!
These clothes are seriously so cute!!!

Pear Tree Design

Really fun dresses, skirts, accessories, onsies, magnet boards and frames.

Pretty Petties


Christmas is in the air... or it could be if you pick up some yummy holiday scents!

Squeaky Shoes

Squeaky shoes are functional and fun for children, and parents love the safety feature of knowing and hearing where their child is at all times.
They are extremely comfortable and flex easily for proper foot movement. They are lightweight, with non-marking, non-skid soles.
For quiet time the squeaker can be removed and replace later to "squeak" again.
Most important- in order for the shoes to squeak you child must walk heel to toe. This encourages crawlers to begin walking properly and discourages toddlers and young children from walking on their tip toes.

Twinkle Toes by Jodi

Come do some shopping and leave with some new twinkle toes!
(Because you've already got a babysitter Right??!!)
$25 for a new set
$30 for a new color (needs previous set removed)
$20 for kids
Jodi will be at the Boutique on Friday from 12pm-4:30pm
Please call her to make your apt.

And SO much more don't miss out.

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Ash said...

Holy crap! That is some cute stuff! I'm gonna have to check that out on Friday!