Sunday, December 27, 2009

First visit to the dermatologist

Tayler & Megan had there first visit to the dermatologist. Megan has had eczema since she was little and we have tried tons of creams & things but it has just gotten worse, the Dr couldn't believe how bad it was he said it will probably slowly go away over the next 10 years, wow!!
Tayler had these weird bumps on her hip so we took her in too. I can't remember the name but they can spread all over, the Dr. said they have cream that could slowly make them go away but considering that megan has open wounds( eczema) that he didn't want to risk her catching it cause it would be bad if she got it. So the Dr. suggested cutting them off OUCH!! but Tayler was so strong, the Dr. looked at me while cutting them off and said " i have kids older than her that freak out" she is a tough cookie:)

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Mindi D said...

Jerzi has eczema sooo bad it breaks my heart! What have you tried? I'm always open for suggestions :) Your Christmas looks fun, i love the reindeer food idea, we got some last year from a neighbor gift i think and we loved it! I'll have to remember that one! I hope all is well, we need to get together for dinner with the boys. That'd be fun!