Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wrapping, party and more

Man i have never had so much fun wrapping presents. Me and some friends got together at one of my friends husbands work, and we wrapped away:)

Christa & Liz got in a little fighting match "Hulk" style

When we were all done Rachel climbed up on top of a truck so we could get a picture of all our presents.

This next picture of rachel cracks me up:)
On Friday was Tayler & Megan's school party.
We did some crafts, had hot cocoa and were going to listen to polar express but ran out of time.
They had everyone go in the gym and each grade sang a Christmas song that they have been practicing.
The kindergartners sang Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, it was so cute they made hats and we painted there noses red.

We had a special visitor, Santa. The kids were so excited.
Our cute little neighbor Jessica
Mrs Johns. The girls sweet teacher
Megan holding her gift from Helaman:)
This picture is hilarious, Jace was playing with my nephews DS and was making the funniest faces
My little Rudolph's
Megan got to wear a new heart machine. We go to primary children's in two weeks to see what's up next.
Our yearly ornaments that i made for all the kids.
Making Gingerbread cookies with friends


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Matt and Jami said...

You do the funnest things with your kids (i know I have said that before). You are the best mom!

kdance10 said...

K toni tate who are you? And why do you keep leaving me the same comment?