Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Fun!

My girls crack me up.
The other day i was sitting on the couch and my girls were supposed to be in cleaning there room, i kept hearing them laughing and giggling at each other well they came out and they looked like this.
They said "mom we are Santa & Mrs. Claus". Notice Megan saying Ho..Ho..Ho...
Saturday was a busy day. The girls started the day off going sledding with daddy, then building a snowman.

Tayler kept making Jace laugh, she kept throwing snowballs at the window.
The finished product. "Frosty the Snowman"
Later that night we drove down to Layton & drove through the "Lights before Christmas" which they love, we have done this every year since i can remember.
Then we headed to Chuck a Rama in Ogden and had dinner. Then it was off to the Ogden Lights
Since we got there a little later we thought we had missed Santa, well as we were walking in Santa was walking out to his sleigh (Toyota Truck) The kids didn't see that part:) As he walked past all 3 kids just stared as he said HO..HO..HO...
The girls were bummed for a few minutes that they didn't get to go sit on his lap but they were fine once we told them that he had to go back to the north pole and finish making there toys:)
This was me & the girls favorite house. It was a clubhouse i thought it was so cute how they had things spelled on the clubhouse. The other side said " Girlz onle"
The girls singing with the choir

Jace's Favorite. The fire house, he loved the cute dog inside.
I sure love this time of year.


Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

ha they are too cute!

Ash said...

haha I love the Santa and Mrs Clause dress up. Makes me want a girl. I remember giggling and dressing up in silly stuff like that when I was little. I need to go see some lights!

Mindy said...

So I guess we missed you and that cute firehouse.. made for a good night's sleep for our three little girls though! :)