Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Fun!!

Saturday night was Dustin's family Christmas party. We don't get together with his family to often, but with thanksgiving just awhile ago we got to see them twice in like a week. Jace with cousin Sawyer.

My Goofballs!!
Waiting Santa's arrival
Tayler, Jaime, Jessica & Megan
Jace was totally fine with Santa being there, he even said Santa when he walked in. But when it was his time to get up there on the big guy's lap he kinda freaked.
But once he got his present and opened it and saw it was a TRACTOR, he was totally fine
Tayler on Santa's lap. When Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas, she said she wanted a pillowcase.(What??) That's the first time i have heard that:)
Megan on the other hand told Santa that she wanted a puppy dog, luckily when Santa asked her real or pretend, she said pretend.
Sunday night we had a family Pajama Movie night at my sister's house.
We made these YUMMY cupcakes to take with us.
Well my step dad for sure got the memo about the P.J. part, but whose p.j.'s i think that part must have been left out. He showed up as a joke in these awesome Tinkerbell pajamas:)
Then quickly changed once we all got our pictures.
The grand kids getting a kick out of grandpa.
We were all told to bring a treat to share, well i guess we all had the same thing in mind.
I made cupcakes, my sister Karly made a cake my sister in law made a cake & my step mom made a cake.
They were all different but just to funny. My other sister did however make some BBQ wieners.
This was only 11 out of the 17 of us that were there.
We watched ELF and had lots of CAKE:)
I loved this picture cause Megan always has a messy face, she eats one Hershey kiss and this is what it looks like lol.

Thanks Kari & Curt for a fun night. Can't wait for the one!!


Lindsay said...

I love the Tinkerbell p.j.'s that is too funny. Those cupcakes look so good.

Briana said...

So Fun!!!

Mindy said...

How fun!! Loved those PJs..
I am so glad to see that the girls dresses still fit them!

kari said...

We had a great time didn't we? I might be counting wrong but I think there was 19 of us there. I sure have the best family ever. Love ya!

karly marie said...

wrong.. nate says there was twenty.. cause brevyn is living.

Hollie said...

I was looking at you blog and then was like "Oh hey! That's my kid!" Sorry I missed the party, but heard it was fun.

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

you guys are always doing so much fun stuff!!!!