Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving fun

On Thanksgiving day we went up to My in laws church up in Logan.
A little b-ball
Jace playing around at grandmas
On thanksgiving we went with some friends to the Jazz game against the Chicago Bulls.
It was a great game, we had awesome seats & were in great company & i even got on the jumbo tron.
This poor guy got the BIGGEST prank pulled on him.
They came out and said because this was the first time the Jazz have played on Thanksgiving day that they were going to give one person 1 million bucks. Everyone was like whatever, so up on the jumbo tron they started a countdown to what lucky seat it was. Well it landed on this guy and he was all super excited, they told him he had to shoot a basket from half court.
So they took him out into another room then they told us this was all a joke that this guy was here visiting from L.A. and was a huge Lakers fan. Well we all got to play along, the guy came back in and they gave him a practice shot then blindsided him and when he shot the ball the Jazz Bear gave us the sign and we all started screaming and stuff.
He took off his blindfold and started running around the arena, well then they told him that his brother was coming out to give him his check and here comes his brother with a "HUGE" check that said " You have just been pranked" he was so bummed, as i think anyone would be.
I guess that what he gets for being a LAKERS fan:)
Jessica & Dustin
My step dad & Megan with her poor fat lip:(
I ran to the store tonight and when i came home i saw this:) (sound asleep)


anne jachim said...

hey sis, your blog is cute. i need a lesson, it will keep me busy. on the next jazz game they showed on tv that trick on the guy. too funny but mean.

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

love the last pic!!!