Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twilight & More

Me & some girlfriends went to see Twilight on Thursday night. We were expecting to be outside for hours in the freezing cold, but instead we got right in at 9 and got to wait in our seats.
We did sit there for 3 hours but we were just happy to be inside. We Bought t-shirts and went to a copy store and had them print a picture of Edward on them with a saying, but it was printed wrong so when it was ironed on to the shirt it was backwards. BUMMER!! But Rachel and Jessica had a back up shirt. But we did wear our funky black lip gloss and eyelashes.

We were expecting to be surrounded by a bunch of crazies, but when we got there we were the crazies & we were not that crazy:) My eyelashes didn't last very long, they were off before the movie started.

We sat by my sister in law Hollie, her friend Amanda & there hubby's.
The girls have to earn feathers for there cute hats they will be making on Tuesday
@ there Thanksgiving Feasts at school. For each color they have to pass off something.
I just found them in there book bags yesterday since they have been home from school for a couple days not feeling well. We will see if they can earn them all in two more days:)
All they have left is there phone # & there address

Last night i got to watch my cute little niece Ellie, she was so fun to play with.
Jace kept getting a little jealous:)

My little bubbas got two new teeth this week his lower molars.
Man he has been a cranky kid this week, so glad they are finally in.


Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

You guys look so cute cruisin in the mini van with all your vampire gear! Kim got me a ticket for tonight and I didn't get to go because of this stupid gunk, so hopefully one day I get to see it! I loved doing the feather hats with Maddie and Abbie! I hope you guys feel better soon too!

Ash said...

You gals are some awesome chicas. And way lucky to get Friday night tickets. We were slackers and now have to wait till Monday to see it. :( Boo Edward! Yay Jacob!!! So... how was it????

Rachel said...

Ha ha our pictures are awesome!! Im thinking that eye shadow should be my everyday makeup :)
Your niece is so, so cute! Did it make you baby hungry?? (wink, wink)

April said...

You guys crack me up! You guys were the crazies-I love it!!!
BTW we've missed Jace not that 10 kids aren't enough

Kim said...

Hey cute fangs and lashes!!! Glad you all had fun!!!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

I'm glad you guys had fun! I love those movies and the excuse to have girls nights out. We do need to have another girls night soon. And Ellie is adorable!! Tell Clint hi and congrats! :)

Mindi D said...

I can't help it i am in love with Jacob. I saw it again, as did you :), trying to see the good in Edward and i was doing ok til he took his shirt off. Yuck! Team Abs.. i mean Jacob all the way!!