Saturday, November 14, 2009

Look how cute! (The Nutt Family)

Look how cute these darling photos are that my sister in law took of one of my friends.
Shalise & Julee did an awesome job!

For some wonderful pictures check out my sister in laws
They have an awesome special going on now, it's $75.00 for all the pictures on CD and for the shoot and location of your choice. And 25 free Christmas cards of your choice.
Shalise & julee did our family pictures last week and i can't wait to see how they turned out:)


Ash said...

Wow! She's way good!!! You should have her do the BYU ones for ya. Ok the Funeral game- Somebody lays on the bed like their in a coffin and they make up the story of how they died. Then who ever plays the funeral worker,goes and tells the guests about the tragic accident and everybody goes in to mourn the loss of the person. You HAVE to keep a straight face and you try to get the corpse to laugh with out busting up yourself. A little warped but it gets way funny!

Lindsay said...

Such cute pics! I love them with the green in their outfits...she did a great job.

Mindy said...

SO cute!! I love the one of their feet and the truck.. I love feet pics. :)

Rachel said...

So cute, love the colors!