Friday, October 9, 2009

Random pictures & fun at dinosaur park

My girls were eating one of those huge jaw breakers it was making there mouths all white, well when they found that out they were being silly and were putting it all over there faces.

Megan my little cowgirl.

On Thursday some friends and i took our little ones to dinosaur park while the older siblings were in school. They have it all decorated for Halloween, jace was just a little scared of a few things.

Jace loves dinosaurs so he liked seeing them everywhere, he was growling the entire time.

(ya that's a foot in his mouth)

This is all the cute boys we were with
Dre, Aiden, griffin, Spencer, Logan, Jed, Jace & Parker

Jed & jace

Christa & Rachel with our new friend
Jessica & Stevie (i thought he looked a little bit like Stevie wonder)
We also had two cute little girls with us this is cute little Mataya giving me a smile.


Cj and Shalise said...

FUN!! i can't wait until ellie is old enough to go do fun things like that!! I think meg and tay need to go tanning, they look a little pasty white! lol love you guys!

Lindsay said...

Great pics! What a fun afternoon we had. Your girls are cute with the white faces. Maybe they could be ghosts:)