Monday, October 19, 2009

Day Ten

Pick some of your five senses you use each day.

Take note of how many gifts come to you via that single port of entry.

Write about this experience.

I'm choosing my sense of touch first.

I thought about this a while ago and how awful it would be if I were to lose my sense of touch. To never feel anything physical again would be horrible.

To not feel my childrens hugs and kisses, a warm shower, the cool autumn breeze.

I am truly grateful for the gift of touch.

Second would be hearing.

To never hear my kids laugh or cry, a conversation with my husband or music again would be devastating.

Next would be smell.

If any of you have ever held a freshly bathed baby you know what I mean.

To not smell dinner in the oven, rain, clean laundry, that would be a sad, sad day.

Then it would have to be sight.

To not be able to see my kids, my husbands face. Or to see just how beautiful a temple is, inside & out.

Last would be taste.

Think of how much weight I could lose if nothing tasted good. But, seriously. I love food, and to never have tasted my mom's homemade chocholate chip cookies, my Grandma's chicken noodle soup, my brother in laws Rasberry jello salad. I would not have all of those great memories with out my sense of taste.

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