Saturday, October 24, 2009

Black Island Farms

On Wednesday we were invited to go on a Field trip with our neighborhood friends.
Thanks April & Denise for putting it together:) We started off on a Tractor ride around the farm, which was Jace's favorite part of the entire thing he LoVeS tractors these days.
Tayler & Jed

Me & Jace
Rachel, Kyra & Dre
Jessica, griffin & jorie
They let the kids keep carrots that they grow on there farm.
The kids thought it was neat to see a carrot straight from the ground.

They let the kids pick a pumpkin

We even got to see a pig race.
That's something i never thought i would ever see in my life,
the kids thought it was fun.

It was pretty funny when we left Tayler asked me if there are real witches in our world. That's her new obsession, asking if certain things or people are real in our world. At the farm there were a display of pumpkins and some had ugly bumps all over them and stuff and this lady that worked there told the girls that a witch had kiseed the pumpkins in the night and that's why they are all warty. I thought it was so funny. And of course i tlod her there is no real witches:)

So the other day i was watching the Ellen show and Tayler asked me if Ellen was real in this world. :):)


Ash said...

Ahhh cute! I love this stage because they're so into make believe. X did Black island farms for a field trip too! But then we went with all my friends to the Day's Farm pumpkin patch. 5$ per person and ya get a hayride and ya get a BIG pumpkin. Not to bad, I say.

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Cute pictures! I love that place! We went there a couple years ago and want to go again next year. We thought the corn maze was fun. We never saw the pig races. I bet my boys would love that!

Mindi D said...

I love Ellen! That is funny! That place is fun, we just went there Saturday! I still need some BYU skirts, sorry i'm being a slow poke getting to you!

Mindy said...

Did you already tell us that you darkened your hair? Or am I crazy and it just looks darker... my girls ask the same "in this world" questions.. is it the age or that they are just as cute as your girls? ;)