Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 13,14 & 15 Man i'm behind:)

Day Fifteen
Take the time to focus on yourself. Appreciate and give thanks for your unique personality, skills, and talents.
Day Fourteen

It's been two weeks since you started The Gratitude Challenge.
Write about how The Challenge has changed your perspective thus far.
I think I've always been grateful for all that I have, but have never
expressed it fully. Doing some of the exercises made me think about it
a little bit differently and maybe helped me express it more effectively.
I'm grateful everyday for the people in my life and I certainly value them
more and more. I only hope that I can continue to do some of
these things as a constant reminder of how great my life is.

Day Thirteen

Pick three friends or family members you see regularly.
View their actions and gestures through a positive lens,
assuming their goodness and witnessing their best intentions.

OK, I will.

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