Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TeN mOnThS!

Wow! Only two more months and my baby will be ONE. I can't believe it. Then a month later i will have two FIVE year olds. Jace got his first hair cut today:) He sure LOVES his new sippy cup, what a big boy. I love this little boy to peices.

Today in preschool i taught the kids about the letter Q. They got to be a queen and make there own crowns, well Dallin was a king. They made a Quilt and did a couple worksheets. My girls sure have fun doing preschool with there friends Lauren & Dallin and i love teaching them. But i am glad we rotate houses every week. I sometimes don't know what to do for two hours with out the girls, not saying i don't enjoy it:)
Megan, Lauren, Tayler & Dallin


Mindy said...

ten months.. where does the time go.. about a week and a half, I will have a one year old!!! (sniff)

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

Oh, time just goes by too fast!!! He is so cute!!

3Brownbears said...

Jace is almost 1... Oh my! That is just crazy. Congrats big guy!

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

don't they grow sooo dang fast!!! He is so cute! I love that outfit you have him in! Where did you get it???

Briana said...

Crazy how fast the time goes. I can't believe your girls will be FIVE!!!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

What a cutie Jace is and my how time flies. The girls are adorable too. I can't believe Tre will be 18 months on the 10th. He's our last little guy and I'm kinda sad but I don't think I could handle more than 3 and stay sane!

It was so nice to see you today! I'm glad we live pretty close too. Love the homemade gift! You're too talented! Thanks so much!

We'll for sure have to get together once Tre's better.