Sunday, February 22, 2009

The fun begins

Feb.21,09 So i decided that i would try & post our trip as it happens rather than one big post later. This was the girls jumping on the bed when we got to our hotel in St.George. This was tayler and Megan in the lobby we went out to sit by the fire after swimming outside. And we colored out there while jace was falling asleep.
This was the girls while driving from St. George to San Diego.

You have to click on this picture to get the whole effect. But basically this guy had his hole house on this van. Or maybe it really is his home.
This is the hotel we are staying at in San Diego.
This is pretty cool it's right outside our room it's a ship that's in sand.
We ate dinner here tonight. Which i would not recommend, we waited like 45 min. for our food after we ordered it cause our waiter said they skipped our order in the kitchen, then we were done eating for like 15 min. before he would bring us the check. And the food was okay
I took the kids for a walk while we waited for our food. And the girls found this fountain
The girls got a big kick out of this cause if you have seen the sweat life with Zack & Cody you will now why.
Well until next time.


Misty said...

That looks really fun. If you are still in San Diego there is a Waffle House on hotel circle. It's hooked to a dive of a hotel. I think the resturant is called the Waffle House and the Hotel is called the Kings Inn or something like that. Anyway the Waffle House is really good. Have Fun!!

E and K Rausch said...

Oh man you are in my FAVORITE place and there are LOTS of good places to eat, I just wish I knew where they were for you. I do think you should try if you like sea food Anthony's Grato or grado or something like that. Ask to sit by the window and go for lunch. Cheaper if you go for lunch. Anyways....HAVE SUPER fun.

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

I didn't even realize that you were on vacation! How fun you lucky ducks!!! Hey, i'm going to take care of our visiting teaching this week while you're gone. I'll just drop off our names and numbers and a little treat. Most of them are my same ones anyway. We'll start fresh next month...I hope that's okay! Have fun!!!!!

Mindy said...

You stinker.. on vacation?! Sooo jealous... have fun, really!! :D

Mindi D said...

That is so fun to be on vacation in the warm sunny sun! I'm super jealous!! I look forward to seeing the rest of your trip, have fuN!!

kari said...

hey guys. i miss you tons.Glad to see your having a blast. Keep the pictures coming. You will have to check out my blog to see my cruise pictures. Hope you have a great time in Disneyland and can't wait to visit with you when you get back.

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Cute pictures! I bet you guys are having a blast! I'm so jealous! It's so nice to get away. Especially with all the snow we've had. Can't wait to see more pictures. Have fun!

Kim said...

Hey have a great time! Your girls are going to be so fun at Disneyland! Enjoy every minute of it and be safe!

Ash said...

Hey thanks for the comment on my friends blog. She won't think your a weirdo she appreciates every body's concern and advice. i didn't know megan wen through all that. That makes me feel a lot better cause you'd never know looking at her. Looks like you guys are having fun and that hotel is awesome!