Friday, February 13, 2009

Flash back Friday

So i guess the fohawk was in when i was a kid:) This is a picture of me and my sister kari. I was two and a half and she was four. It's so fun looking back at all my old homemade outfits.


Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

That's cute!! Thanks for the marshmellows at church today....I owe ya!!!

Misty said...

That picture is so cute!

You'll be so excited I tagged you!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

So cute! That's funny that you can totally tell that's you and Kari!

And I loved reading the snip-it's post. I've seen that place but didn't know what it was all about. What a great idea!

I would love to do dinner or a movie with you and Misty! That would be a lot of fun! We go and see Tre's doc later this week to see if the pneumonia is gone. I'll let you know so we can make plans... :)