Friday, February 13, 2009

Snip- it's

I took Megan to get her haircut yesterday at snip its in Layton and she had a blast. Ya getting her haircut. Every time she has gotten her hair cut in the past she has fallen asleep but not this time. You need to check this place out. They give you a mouse to hold under the haircut cape so you can play games while you get your haircut. Even though Tayler kept wanting to play.

This was one of the fun games, you get to put faces,hair, hats etc. on the cartoons.

This was the cute little station we sat at.
They give you this coupon when you first walk in and at the end you turn it in for a PRIZE.

Megan putting her coupon and hair in the machine.

This is it, you put a lock of your cut hair in one side then your token in the other side, and BAMM out comes your prize.
It only cost us $10.00 plus a tip for the nice lady.


Briana said...

Only $10-that is awesome...especially with the entertainment part!

Mindy said...

Speaking of your girls' hair.. I so have some clips for your girls that I didn't have done to drop off today.. i needed just the right green ribbon.. I have a feeling you'll see them soon! :)

Mindi D said...

That place is awesome! I need to make my salon more kid friendly or i'll lose everyone to snip its!! I may even take my kids there! Ha ha!!

CJ & Shalise said...

Wow thats pretty sweet! What a cool idea for little kids!