Saturday, February 28, 2009

Disneyland Part 1

Jace cracks me up, this was his favorite room in the hotel he kept going in there and going ah ah he just loved hearing his own voice.
We watched this parade three times the girls loved it they singed and danced along with them
Tayler & Megan thought it was so funny how Pluto would sign his name by putting there book on top of his nose
Megan was really funny she didn't like getting her pictures taken with the characters, I had to push her to do it. Tayler was not shy at all
The girls LOVED the swimming pool
Jace liked the pool a lot but he loved the hot tub way more. It would almost put him right to sleep
Check closely at jace's face he did not like the characters just like megan. This is Tayler & Jace with Chip
Jace did not want to get out of this car

This is what jace did a lot. We wore him out
The girls with Fawn, we waited in line for an hour to meet Fawn and Tinkerbell.
This is one of my favorites Tinkerbell told the girls to put there hands on there hips, she talked to them for a while she was really Nice
This was our hotel in Anaheim
Family room
Our bedroom
Once again one of the girls favorite thing to do
And pushing the buttons in the elevator

This was the only way i could get meg to get in the picture
I had to take a picture of this cool escalator in target, you just put your car right on there
Meg picked these out at Target when we were done putting them on she said mom i look like aunt Kari i thought it was so cute.

Hanging out in the condo


CJ & Shalise said...

That condo looks so nice! I bet it was awesome having a big place to stay at! Jace is growing too fast! That's funny he liked the hot tub. When we were looking at these pics we though how fun of a family trip that would be, the kids are such fun ages.

Ohana Mama said...

How FUN!!! Someday we will take our kiddos there. It has changed a bunch since I've gone. I am glad you guys have a blast and made fun memories =)