Sunday, January 23, 2011

School Night @ Classic Skating

The girls school rented out classic skating again, the kids love to go and hang out with their friends.
This time Jace even got to ride around and had a blast.
The d.j. played this game where the kids would skate around to music and when he turned off the music they had to hurry and fall down and if the last person to fall was a boy then the girls got a point and if the last person to fall was a girl then the boys got a point, the girls ended up winning. The kids thought it was such a fun game.
Okay so we were getting ready to leave and the d.j. guy says okay we have a special guest coming in 30 minutes well my girls were convinced it was Justin beiber i said girls it's not Justin beiber but we can stay and see who it is, well the d.j. kept talking it up making it sound like it was going to be someone famous.
Well a half hour later he announces that the special guest was here to do the hokey poky with us so everyone gets all excited and in walks the Icee mascot, yeah lets just saw it was quiet nobody cheered then the d.j. says come on show him some love and then everyone cheered. By the time the Icee Mascot left all the kids were not wanting him to leave.

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