Sunday, January 23, 2011

****Family getaway****

We took advantage of the long weekend and headed to a hotel for a fun family getaway.
The kids were being silly playing on the bed the bed which they kicked me and dustin out of, the 3 kids slept on the huge bed and me and dustin slept on the pull out couch.
We did a little swimming

Jace is going to be so fun this summer he had a blast swimming and didn't want to get out
We came back from swimming and cooked dinner and watched a movie.

On monday we headed over to the children's museum @ the gateway but it was insanely busy with it being a holiday, so we left and were going to go to Pirate Island in orem but we called just to make sure they were open and they didn't open until later that day. We then decided to go to lunch at one of our favorite places Chuck e mama ( that's what my kids call it) then we went to Boondocks. We had such a fun weekend i love experiencing new things with my kids, i wish they could come with me and dustin on our trip next week i sure miss my kids when i have to leave them.


[*.Manda.*] said...

Fun! We should do that with our kiddos :)

Pamla Barrett said...

I'm a little jealous of your mini getaway! :) I wish we could just go away for a nice overnighter. The kids would love it!

Sherice said...

What a great idea~ looks like you guys had a wonderful getaway:) Your kiddos are adorable!

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

what!!?? how nice and how fun!!
ps. you will have to give me some tips for the potty training!