Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dinner and a movie

The girls were still out of school for one more day so i decided to surprise the kids and take them out, we started by eating dinner at the Pizza Factory then headed to a movie. The YUMMIEST bread sticks ever!!!
I love this picture of bubba checking out his bread stick
Well what do you know they had a life size cut out of Justin Beiber, all the kids had to pose by him.

There was only 8 people in the entire theater 4 of them being us
I was so surprised jace kept his glasses on on the entire movie

We saw Yogi bear which i had heard was dumb, but we all really liked it.
I sure love my kiddos, i was really not looking forward to my kids being out of school for two weeks just because they fight all the time but we had a great couple of weeks doing fun stuff with each other, even Dustin had off almost 3 weeks.

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Mindi D said...

We loved that show! I also heard it was dumb, but people are lame, i thought it was super cute! So did Kurt!!