Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Boy

So we are officially diaper free at our house yeah!!!!
Jace is such a big boy he tells me mom i have to go potty okay:)
He has gone to bed in his underwear and woke up dry every morning this week, so proud of this little man. Our biggest problem with this time around potty training is calling them underwear not PANTIES lol. after two girls that's what we have called them around here.
This is his reward i let him pick a few different things( Krabby Patties, Tootsie Rolls. Twizzler twists & Dum Dums) then we mixed them up into baggies, i put one in my purse and kept one on the fridge. I was tyring to figure out when i should stop rewarding him with treats so i decided when the two baggies are gone then that's the end of the rewards. Half the time he forgets anyways, so until the next baby we are diaper free around this house.


Mindy said...

Yay!!! What a great day! Diaper free is awsome.

jaclyn said...

cade's been potty trained 2 yrs & i still call them panties...drives my husband nuts. congrats

The Jacksons said...

Oh how I wish!! we have been trying to get Cami interested and she just tells us, "I not ready yet." Do you have a trick?