Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Journaling: Heart issues & Potty training

So i have no pictures to go with this post but needed to write these things down.
Yesterday was a crazy day, i started to potty train jace he woke up and wanted to go poop in the potty so i figured why not. I was going to wait until we got home from our trip so i didn't have to leave him with everyone just beginning the process.
Well he was doing so good then i get a phone call from the school nurse asking me to come to the school because megan was in the nurse's room she said megan's heart was beating really fast too fast so i threw on jace's pants leaving him in his underwear.. brave i know right.
We get to the school and the nurse calls me into her office where megan is laying down she said can i talk to you for a minute, so we talked for a bit she said Megan's heart rate is supposed to be about 110 and it was in the 140's and that she looked really white.
Well she came home early to rest i don't know what I'm going to do with this girl i can't follow her around at school and make sure she won't run around at recess or get to excited.
I feel so bad for her she just want's to play with all the other kids there has got to be something they can have her do during recess, i try to tell her to take it easy but that's not easy for a 6 yr old. She has an apt. next month with her heart Dr. so we will see what she says, her Dr. said there is medication she can get on but we will see.
On a different note Jace is doing okay with the potty training he will go # 2 in the potty but # 1 not so much he will just stand there in his underwear and pee then look at me like oops!!!
Usually it's the other way around at least for my girls they would pee in the potty but had a hard time with going poo in the potty for awhile, i stayed home all day today so he could just chill in his undies and even the nude lol. we had a lot of accidents but no # 2 accidents.
I did however get a ton of deep cleaning done while jace sat on his potty watching cartoons, he just brought the toilet to the family room and sat on it.
Wish me luck for a better day tomorrow:)


Mindy said...

I love ya Kaycee...
You are doing so well (better than I would) with all that you have going on! Meg will be fine.. I know how it hurts to see our kids hurt, to worry for them and about them. But you are doing everything right! Jace will get it too. Peyton was on the same page, totally got #2, a little slow on the #1 and then it was like one day, she just got it! ((hugs))

Mindi D said...

That makes me so sad! I hate it :( Libbi came crawling up the stairs the other night and when she got to the top you could tell she was SOO pooped :( It'll only get worse, poor girls just want to play like the other kids. Too much to think about soo.. good job on the potty training!! Not sure what it is with boys and peeing, but koy struggled with that too.. good luck :)

Sherice said...

Potty training is the pits! So sorry to hear about your little girl. I can't even imagine how scary that might be~ i get upset when my kids get a cold. You are an awesome Momma~ and thank goodness for modern medicine:) Good luck with both of your obstacles~ i'll be thinking of you.

Sherice said...
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