Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wet & Wild

Today Jake & Madison came over after school to hang out and have some fun We got out the slip n slide, Jumped on the tramp and had a picnic.
Jake, Megan, Tayler & Madi
Getting a little tan:)
Jace loved the slip n slide. Cute little stinker!
So this is a funny story. I bought this kiddie pool for Jace at Dilly Dally's it had a picture of a baby sitting in a pool on the package, well when i opened it up and blew it up this is what it looked like. Me and the kids just laughed so hard. It's more like a Barbie pool:)

Tayler, Megan & Jace are so lucky to have such great cousins to hang out with. We love you Jake & Madi Kay


kari said...

Thanks for ALWAYS taking my kids and helping me out. My kids are soooo lucky to have you as a aunt and I'm even luckier to have you as my sista! The kids looked like they had so much fun that day. I am glad you take pictures for me so I can see what they get to do while i am at my stinky job. That pool is hilarous, i can't believe thay would even make one that small but hey i guess Jace gets it all to himself.

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Looks like a fun day! That little pool is funny! What cute kids. I'm excited for our GNO. It's been way too long. :)

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

Summer fun is the best! Everybody needs a sister like you! I think that Dallas would love to have that pool for her baby!

dccJackson said...

Love the slip n slide pics so cute!