Saturday, May 16, 2009

A wedding, A trip to paradise, Mothers Day & a birds nest

Tuesday we went to Dustin's nephews wedding. This is a couple of the grand kids that we got to hold still long enough to take this picture Megan was loving all the green and pink M&M's everywhere. So when it was time to leave she said i want some more M& M's so i told her to grab a little handful.....And this was her little handful:)

Jace walking around at the wedding.

The girls with the flowers they caught.
So after the wedding on our way home Tayler says
" Dad why was he looking under her dress, what was he looking for". (The guarder) Man the things my little girls say lately:)

Last Saturday we drove up to Dustin's moms house in Paradise, Logan to take her up her mothers day present. While we were there went over to her neighbors house and saw a few animals. The kids loved them.

Grandma found a Dress up costume for the girls, This is meg wearing the hat.

On mothers day we went over to my Aunt Julies house. It was a nice day to be outside.

Jace munching on a roll. He made a huge mess but he sure enjoyed himself
My Aunt has a couple horses. My little sister took jace over to see them. He liked watching them even though it does not look like it in this picture.

Tayler & Grandma feeding the horse

Megan pulling brother in a wagon ride

These are the darling dresses Grandma Fran made for Tayler & Megan for there birthday.

What a great Mothers Day. I have three wonderful kids who i love being a mommy too.
The other day i was going to take this green stuff down and put some new stuff up. Well when i climbed up on the stool to take it down
This is what i found.

And this is today. Last year this bird did the same thing so i guess i will be waiting to take this stuff down.


Mindy said...

Your girls have gotta love the little eggs.. all the excitement!!

[*.Manda.*] said...

Hey !!! I charge 10.00 for mens/kids haircuts, and 25.00 for a womans haircut and style. Let me know if you want an appointment! :)

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

My girls would have loved to see all of those animals and then to have a birds nest on our front porch....they would be over the moon!!!!

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

how much fun!!! your kids are too cute!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Cute pictures! I love the handful of m&m's. Atta girl Megan. :) Your blog is way cute by the way. I love how you always change yours up and make it so cute. It would be fun to have a blogging night one time. Do you want to do our GNO next Friday? I wasn't even thinking about it being Memorial Day weekend this weekend. What do you want to do? Grab a bite to eat? Any other ideas?...