Monday, May 25, 2009

***MeMoRiAl DaY 2009***

The kids in front of our house by the flag this morning.

Today we went and visited our grandparents graves. The kids love doing this every year.

We don't' know who this pretty grave site belongs to , but my girls ask me to take a picture of them by it every year.

Jace loved all the spin wheels, He would not leave this one alone.

My grandpa died this year so this was our first memorial day visiting his grave site.
This is my grandma's tombstone. She is still alive & well but she already has is ready for when the time comes. Which i thought was a good idea but kinda creepy at the same time:)

I am so thankful that my husband has Memorial day off every year so we can go visit our family members graves who have passed on. Not like we can't do this any day of the year but it is so beautiful on this special day with all the pretty flowers everywhere.


Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

so sweet! what a great day! love their outfits!

Teacher Mama said...

I'm sure you don't know who I am but my name is Sarah Erickson and I'm married to Nick Erickson, who is from the Terrace and went to school with your husband. I was hopping one day and saw your blog. Nick said to tell Dustin 'hi.' Just to prove I'm not some random psycho, your sister Kari knows me because I had Brayden in my class last year. Okay, maybe that doesn't prove that. I do willing teach twelve year olds. Anyway, sorry, our blog is private but if you'd like to view it, e-mail us at