Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Six Chicks! (Thirteen Going On Thirty)

This weekend i went to Bear Lake with 5 of my good friends from my ward. We were lucky and got to stay @ My friend Rachel's family cabin, we had the best time ever it was just what i needed:) This picture was taken right before we left to come home( we propped the camera on the top of the car and set the timer & after about 6 shots we got two good ones. We stopped at the Olive Garden in Logan on our way up for some yummy dinner then hit the road. The first night we got there we played Guitar Hero, rock band style we had singers, the drummer & the guitar player. It was so dang hilarious i honestly could not stop laughing the entire time.

Here's cute little Jessica waiting her turn to be the awesome singer in our band.
Rachel was the winner in my book:) She rocked the guitar she was the only one who could set it on the high speed.
Christa & April getting ready to play games. ( If & Then)
We went down to the beach on Saturday for a little picnic. It was fun especially cause we were the only six people on the beach.
Liz flagged down two couples four wheeling on the beach to ask them if they wouldn't mind taking our picture, i think at first they thought we needed help :)
This picture is so funny of Liz walking around barefoot in the snow
Me , Christa, Liz & April stood in the FREEZING cold water. Who can go to Bear Lake without at least putting their feet in the Lake.
It was crazy how many sea shells were just laying on the sand right by the water, i have never seen that before anywhere. My girls would have been in heaven.
Jessica thought that the snow on the beach was all the way frozen so she started walking across and her feet broke through, it was so funny she just kept trying to walk more to get out and they just kept sinking we all laughed so hard, this picture just does not do it justice as to how funny it was. She just kept screaming and i could not get my camera out fast enough. Thanks for always making us laugh non stop Jess::)

It turned out being a pretty nice day at the beach minus the wind.

After walking around the beach barefoot we decided to give each other pedicures. Man my feet & toes look so pretty, if i was not so dang ticklish i probably could have enjoyed it a lot more. The girls thought it was so funny that it tickled me so bad.
Thanks Liz for giving me such a great pedicure & Rachel i hope you enjoyed yours
Look at all our cute painted toes:)
This was the super nice cabin we were all so lucky to stay in(left). Thanks Rachel for inviting us up.
We played fun games every night and the last night we played M.A.S.H i have not done this since elementary or junior high and i have to say it was fun.
On the way up to the cabin we passed Camper world and i told the girls that i had went there all the time when i was a kid and loved it & that i have so many great memories from there. So every time we would pass it while we were there Christa would say there's Camper world so when we were playing M.A.S.H they put Camper world down as one of the places for me to live and sure enough that's the place that ended up getting picked for me to live in a house with my 20 children, driving a fuchsia Mini car With a pet turtle after mine and my husbands ( wont' say who) honeymoon to Lagoon. But i was Beautiful & Rich :)
So on our way home they pulled over and had me take a picture by Camper world.
Thanks girls for an awesome weekend, that i will never forget.
I am so lucky to have such great friends that have the same standards & beliefs that i do. Love you girls!


Rachel said...

We had a blast didn't we!! We'll definitely have to do it again! The group pictures the last day turned out so cute, i will have to get some copies.

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

how fun! what a great get away for all the mommys!!

Emalee said...

Oh how fun, We went there thursday and I will be going back tomorrow. I am glad you had fun! I love the new picture. I missed a post what happened to your little girls arm.

3Brownbears said...

How stinkin fun!!! That is so neat that you have such good friends that you can do that with!

Ohana Mama said...

Man it was so much fun! As I see the pictures I can't but laugh. We had some good food and good times. I must say M.A.S.H. was old school-you can't get much better than that! I so-needed to get away. Some great memories =)!!! Thanks your so funny especially past midnight!

kari said...

You guys looked like you had a blast! I wish i had such a good group of friends. It seems like i have several friends but none that are really friends with each other like you have. Bear lake is one of my favorite places, i'm jealous! U deserved to get away and were glad you had the chance. Love ya!

Ash said...

That's awesome! You guys looked like you had a blast. Especially the rock band part. Nothing is more fun then an all girls weekend, it's what helps keep me sane.

CJ & Shalise said...

Looks like a great time! I hope me and Lise get to go up to Bear Lake next month, we're trying to take a small vacation! Glad you were able to go and get away for just a bit!

Mindy said...

girlfriends are such a blessing!!