Thursday, March 12, 2009

A fun filled day

We started off our morning with a fun field trip to the Clinton Fire Station. They showed us around the fire station, the kids loved it. They taught the kids some fire safety and let them sit on and in the fire trucks, and also wear there fire hats.
Thanks to all our fireman & women and police officers that put there lives in danger daily to save others.
Thanks Brady & Cody for showing us what you guys do everyday.
After the field trip i took the kids down to the Union Station to look at the trains and while we were there i took a few pictures

Tayler & Megan thought it was so cool how big the wheels were on this train

Finally a picture that shows his two front teeth The kids playing by the trains

Tonight was Tayler & Megan's first soccer practice, it was really fun watching them run around and doing all the things they were being taught. This picture is of Megan with her hood on it was so dang cold
This is Tayler kicking the ball. The coach said they did so good i told her they must have go it from their dad since he played soccer all through high school. he coach said she wants tay to be the goaly cause she was doing good at it
They thought it was cool that they got a treat & drink after, they are excited to take them next week


Emalee said...

Oh how fun. you have some good pictures.

Ohana Mama said...
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Ohana Mama said...

Some how I deleted my comment sorry! But it looks like you got a picture of Jace's teeth! Lots of fun memories.

Rachel said...

Cute pics!! Jace looks so cute in blue. That train station looks like fun, we'll have to go sometime.

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

What a fun field trip! You're so good to go and do fun things like that. Cute pictures too! I can't believe how smiley and photogenic Jace is. What a cutie! I'm glad the girls are liking soccer. Our boys first years were so fun to watch! It's good that the girls have a dad that can teach them the ins and outs... :)

Tanner and Chantel said...

Hey! You've got such a sweet family. Very cute pics!
I am hoping to bug you for some California advise. Tanner told me you guys just went. It looks like you had a great time. We are going next month and we just wondered what things you are glad you did and maybe the stuff you would skip next time. If you wouldn't mind my email is We totally appreciate it.

Kim said...

Yeah! You're girls join the soccer sport! It's so fun at their age! Enjoy it!

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

How fun! Those pics are awesome!!! I love the new top pic too of the girls, so cute! your little man is adorable, again I love the pics!!

Scott, Nat, and the Girls said...

I remember doing the firestation fieldtrip with preschool to. Fun times!!! Did you get registered for kindergarten??? I hope that you get Mrs. Hinckley....she's awesome!