Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little bit of this and that!

Last night with my craft group, we made these darling crayon holders. I made this one with a little help from Julie thanks Julie. Now i just need to make my second one so that my girls don't fight over this one.
We went on a walk the other night and the girls wanted to push there babies in strollers just like mommy.
Jace sure loves swinging in the swings.
Jace fell asleep like this the other day when i put him down for his nap, he is starting to sleep on his belly it kinda freaks me out.
This is my brother & my sister in law, They played Simon Says with the kids for like an hour on Sunday it was so funny to watch. They are so cute with the kids they are going to be the best parents to sweet little Ellie.
Megan, Tayler, Jake & Madison

Megan wearing aunt Shalise's high heels


Kristy said...

Those crayon holders are so cute. Will you show me how to make one?

Misty said...

O.k. I would love to learn too! They are darling. I wish I would have been there for Simon says that one of my favorite games.

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Those crayon holders are so cute! You are so talented. Tre sleeps on his belly too. It still kinda freaks me out. I had to take the sids sleeper out of his crib when he was about Jace's age because he would roll over it to get to his tummy. Our doctor told me to remove any blankets and the crib bumper from the crib and he's been fine. Not that he sleeps in his crib much... :) Your last comment had me laughing too! :)